Company overview

KANGPOLE is opening Possibilities of telecommunication component!

Since its foundation, KANGPOLE has devoted its time to the development of microwave components and antennas which suit the industrial needs. We have produced planar and waveguide filters, multiplexers, couplers, power dividers, mobile handset antennas, array antennas including leak-wave antennas. To tackle the constraints of the conventional and customary design methods in terms of size-reduction and performance improvement, we take advantage of our metamaterial devised by us to bring the implementation to success. Let alone, we have actively worked on the projects of 5G mobile communication beam-forming antennas and feed structures with metamaterials or with advanced technologies. Don’t hesitate to knock on the door of KANGPOLE. We’re at your back-end call!

Company name KangPole CEO Sungtek Kahng
Date of establishment 2016.02.16. number of employees 2
Corporate registration number 134111-0432851 Company Registration Number 524-88-00300
Address 119, Academy-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon,
Republic of Korea, 22012
Tel 032-835-4698
Industry Microwave, millimeter wave, RF components, Metamaterials
Research field Metamaterials, EMI/EMC solution, EM analysis
Products RF components, RFID, UWB, UAV antenna, Compact Antenna, Satellite payload filter, Z-wave antenna, MTM antenna, MTM filter, EMI/EMC solution, ZOR antenna, Beamforming network antenna, Wideband antenna, High directivity antenna
Partners Eltronix, KORTCOM, Incheon National University, Labtech Korea, HN electronics